About Us

Hello! We are Sam and Joe, a married couple living in Madison, Wisconsin with a serious love of cheese! We have always enjoyed hosting our family and friends and introducing them to different cheese pairings. 

No state does cheese like Wisconsin and we pride ourselves in finding the best local ingredients that Madison has to offer. We are excited to share local cheeses, meats, nuts, jams and honey with you - all made near home. If we put something on your board, it's a guarantee that we have tried it ourselves and it meets our standards! 

Sam started making charcuterie boards in February 2021 as a creative outlet during the pandemic. After showing Joe how to prepare and arrange the boards, we started delivering them to our friends’ front porches. With every delivery we included a guide to their board with suggested pairings and our idea of the Perfect Bite. Our friends urged us to start a charcuterie business…so we did in April 2022!

We are so excited to make a board for you to share and we hope we can help you discover your very own Perfect Bite!