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Madison Cheese Boards

Snack Boxes [Minimum 12]

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Our snack boxes are the perfect option for an adult lunchable! A little taste of everything wrapped up in an adorable grab and go box! Each box features local meats, cheeses, a Honey Acres honey stick, assorted nuts, fruits, a sweet treat and a cracker pack! Perfect for your happy hour at work, baby or bridal showers, weddings, or family events where everyone gets their OWN fun snack box they don't have to share!

If ordering vegetarian snack boxes, please see our allergen statement.

**If picking up your order: Please make sure you arrive during your selected time or your order may be canceled.

**If you are having your order delivered: Please know that if you are not home during the delivery, your order will be left by your front door and a notification will be sent to you.